Seedlings Green Guide at UC Santa Barbara
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Travel & mobility
Since much of the off-campus housing is still within walking distance, UCSB is the perfect place to ditch cars and enjoy walks and bike rides. While some bike shops in the area can be expensive, you can always look at Facebook Marketplace Groups such as UCSB Free/For Sale for cheaper options. UCSB also offers a shuttle service, named Gaucho Groceries, that takes students to Trader Joe's.
All of our energy
There are many easy switches we can make to lower our energy consumption, such as: switching to LED lights, unplugging electronics from outlets and turning off lights whenever possible. Luckily in Santa Barbara we have been blessed with beautiful weather most of the year, so another solution is avoid turning on the AC or heaters. These things will not only help the planet, but also our wallets.
Anything else?
In all aspects of our lives there are steps we can take for the planet. Be mindful of the products you buy and how you dispose of waste as every little change can help. You can be a part of the eco-friendly future not only by taking these steps, but also spreading the word to others.

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