Seedlings Green Guide at UC Santa Barbara
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Get involved
By signing up for this Green Guide and following the UCSB chapter on Instagram you will have constant access to environmental resources in our area. Participating in clubs, communities and general events around UCSB will also allow you to connect with our community and to give back your time when possible. We can't wait to grow with you and see what you'll accomplish!

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The Green Guide was written by
Katerina Bischel
Katerina is the chapter leader and loves being around nature. Check out her profile.
Emily Cohen
Emily is a Social Media lead and part of the UCSB cheer team. Check out her profile.
Michelle Truong
Michelle is a Content lead and loves playing the guitar. Check out her profile.