Seedlings Green Guide at UC Santa Barbara
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Why live green?
At an individual level, our pursuit of environmental sustainability can come through lifestyle changes. How we travel and dispose of our waste, what products we use, where we buy our food, and our energy usage are all areas in which we can make choices that contribute to a greener lifestyle. Here we will show you the different things you have at your disposal on campus and around Santa Barbara to make that a little bit easier.
Eating & drinking
Buying fresh, local produce is good for your health and great for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Being a UCSB student you get a free bus pass, allowing you to visit the local farmers in our area. Don't have the time to go to the markets? Then you can visit the Isla Vista Co-Op or the UCSB food bank. If you have a green thumb you can join the Edible Campus Program to participate in the campus garden.
Personal care & clothes
Toiletries and laundry supplies are often looked over when thinking about sustainability, but many of those items can be replaced by reusable ones! At stores like Isla Vista Co-Op, Lassen's, Lazy Acres and Trader Joe's you can find reusable cotton pads, napkins and other items. For zero-waste sunscreen, shampoo and more, you can visit the Sunkissed Pantry. Looking for thrifting options? Feel free to go to shops like Destined for Grace, Alpha Thrift Shop, and United Family Association Thrift. UCSB's student groups also host events like the Isla Vista Trading Post, where you can both donate clothes and thrift new items.
Waste, composting & recycling
There are a few organizations on campus that can help you deal with food waste and recycling. The UCSB Department of Worms is one of the main contributors to composting and recycling in our community. They even have a composting guide for the campus to make our lives easier.

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