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Seedlings is a social ecosystem here to help all of us come together and make a real impact in creating a wonderful, sustainable future.
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We believe together, we have the power to channel anxiety into compassion, excitement, and action. And, in our own way, create the world we want to live in.

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      Our founder's story: From the Amazon Rainforest to a bright green future
      Every story starts somewhere. And mine began deep in the Amazon rainforest, a magical place where you're as close to the heart of nature as you'll ever be.

      I was a journalist who often travelled to the most beautiful and endangered parts of the world. I saw it as my job to tell people what was happening, with urgency.

      That said, I often struggled with creating stories that left me - and others - feeling helpless about the future of our planet. After such trips to the Amazon, I'd get so many messages from friends asking me what they could do to help.

      I saw our work wasn't giving us an answer and that's why I started Seedlings.