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About Seedlings
Seedlings is a digital platform with the mission to empower us all to help create a wonderful, sustainable future. Our founder Matt spent years reporting on the Amazon rainforest and after his stories, readers would often ask him: "Yes, but what can we do?" That's our vision for Seedlings, for us to build a space together that not only informs us, but connects us as people and gives us the tools to do something.

We are building a set of communities on college campuses, each empowered by our campus network app to tell stories, make connections and host events to help us to think, live and work green. We believe together, we have the power to channel our anxiety into compassion, excitement, and action. And that, in our own ways, we can all help to create the world we want to live in. The time to do that is now.

About the Leaders Program
Our vision is to create a network that we hope will stretch to every college campus and high school across the world. The Leaders Program is your opportunity to be part of it as you grow your Seedlings chapter to have a real impact on your community. Each team creates content, hosts events and introduces peers to the Seedlings app, which will be a powerful focal point connecting all our chapters.
Positive Impact
We'll give you the tools to make a real difference in your community.
Jumpstart your Career
Boost your resume by gaining hands-on experience at our startup.
Grow Your Network
Connect with other students and mentors from across the world.
Progression for the Best
Do well and earn leadership roles and letters of recommendation.
These are our first five campuses. Don't see yours? Apply to be a chapter leader
Central Florida
Georgia State
UC Davis
...Ready for It?
Campus Leader
Are you ready for a challenge? We're looking for capable, motivated and inspiring individuals who want to to create chapters on their campuses and be an inaugural leader. This is a big deal.
Content Lead
What stories will truly inspire your community to go green? You'll take charge of creating the Green Guide and the chapter social media, curating the primary connection with your audience on campus.
Growth Lead
Seedlings is nothing unless we get it out there to thousands of people. With this role, you'll work on getting as many people on campus as possible using the Seedlings campus network app.
Events Lead
Our main goal is to have a positive impact. That's where our events come in, where we create fun, engaging experiences that introduce many more people to ways they can think, live and work green.
Want to know more? Here's what current and past leaders have to say
  • Riona Harris
    Leader at Georgia State
    "I joined Seedlings because of my love for the planet and making small changes in my daily life to make it a better place. While it is hard to be perfect when it comes to sustainable living, I believe Seedlings has the perfect community and platform to spread the word about the positive impacts and changes we can make to create a better planet!"
  • Jenna Long
    Leader at San Diego State
    "I've had an amazing experience being the campus leader at SDSU and inspiring environmental awareness by getting others involved with Seedlings. Whether we are interviewing local environmentalists for our Instagram page or talking to other students about what they can do to be more eco-friendly, there truly is something for everyone here at Seedlings!"
  • Alyssa Ripley
    Social Media Lead at Minnesota
    "The experience has been eye opening and really rewarding. I feel like we're making a difference and bringing sustainability to more people. There's been some changes in mindset and my family has been looking to make some changes back home. An impact on other people, but at the end of the day an impact on me too. In creating the Green Guide I learned a lot."
What are we looking for in campus leaders?
We're looking for students who are already truly and deeply motivated to help their communities become greener, and see Seedlings as a great opportunity to help them do that. It's a big challenge, but also a chance to have a real impact, and you'll be backed by our community all the way. You'll come away with tangible skills, along with connections and experiences that you'll likely remember for a lifetime.
Must be a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate for the Fall 2023 semester.
Record of active participation in campus clubs, organizations, and activities.
Highly motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing, and a firm believer in a greener world.
Very interested in sustainability, media, business, marketing or communications.
Want to be a part of it?
We're committed to building diverse and inclusive chapters.