Seedlings Green Guide at Minnesota
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Why live green?
Do you want to play a part in creating a wonderful, sustainable future? Seedlings is a social ecosystem that is committed to helping us all come together and do just that.

We've launched on a few college campuses so far, like UMN. Join us here!

It's a personal journey for each of us, that begins with understanding the story and leads on to us truly connecting as people and coming together to do something.

We all know we can help by making mindset and lifestyle changes for the world to become more sustainable. But this journey can be a daunting one – which is why we're here, to help you work towards a greener lifestyle on campus.

In this Green Guide, we have compiled a list of tips, tricks, and other info to make this a little easier. Whether you're already a committed eco-warrior, or you're just starting to make the shift towards more sustainable life choices, we at Seedlings are proud of you for following this path.

We believe together, we have the power to channel our anxiety into compassion, excitement, and action. And, in our own way, create the world we want to live in.

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