Seedlings Green Guide at Minnesota
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Travel & mobility
Eco-friendly transportation on campus just got a lot easier! With a U-card, students can take any bus or metro line to anywhere within the city, free of charge. Also the Nice Ride bikes are available at a discounted price for students and we also can find the Lime electric scooters all over campus.
All of our energy
As a student, there are many ways for us to reduce our energy consumption. An easy change is to switch lights off when not in the room and unplug devices and appliances - or even string lights - when you go out or not using them. Instead of turning the lights on, you can just open the blinds to let natural light in, which also warms the room during the cold winter months. Another good way of conserving energy is by investing in a clothing rack to air dry your clothes instead of using dryers, which will also help you save money in the long run!

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