Seedlings Score: 160
UC Davis is ranked #3 of
all Seedlings campuses

Class of 2023
Studying Environmental Science and Management
Hi, I'm Morgan! Welcome to my page here on Seedlings
I work for sustainability at UC Davis and I can't wait to find new ways to help our campus be more green through Seedlings!

Why Seedlings? I am interested in environmental issues and preserving the environment for our future and Seedlings is a great way to pursue that.

Favorite thing? Running and experimenting with sustainable fashion.
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Morgan Hickey
Here's what Morgan's been doing to make UC Davis a greener place:
One person from UC Davis signed up for Seedlings
The points are divided between all members of the chapter!
UC Davis chapter's Instagram has 60 followers
We are starting to build an online presence!
Morgan identified a first round of classes for shoutouts
She will spread the word about the Green Guide during the semester.
Morgan brainstormed ideas for events
She is finding ways to get more students involved with Seedlings.
Morgan compiled a list of event ideas
She is finding creative ways to help students become more green-minded.