Seedlings Score: 424
SDSU is ranked #5 of
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Class of 2024
Studying Sustainability
Hi, I'm Jenna! Welcome to my page here on Seedlings
I enjoy exploring the great restaurants and cool hikes San Diego has to offer. I love the outdoors and am passionate about protecting our environment.

Why Seedlings? I really love how Seedlings focuses on the positive sustainable impacts that are being made around the world.

Favorite thing? Reading new books and spending time with my friends!
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Jenna Long
Here's what Jenna's been doing to make SDSU a greener place:
SDSU chapter's Instagram has gained another follower
We are starting to build an online presence!
SDSU chapter's Instagram has 129 followers
We are starting to build an online presence!
Jenna got a signup through her landing page
She is growing the Seedlings community at SDSU!
Jenna wrote nine sections for the Green Guide
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Jenna became the SDSU chapter leader
She recruited teammates Francesca Hanen, Kate Riegel, and Kenny Mickschl