Say hello! Meet our team
Matt Sandy

After working for almost a decade as a foreign correspondent in Rio, Matt became the most Brazilian British man you'll ever meet. In his spare time he is the father a fluffy ginger cat named Claudinho.
Juliana Horta

Besides being a journalist for many years, Juliana is a proud cat lady who loves to read and will always win at Scrabble in any language - but she isn't competitive. In her rare spare time she is an avid podcaster.

Izabela Lerner

Izabela went to university in Lisbon and Paris, but her heart is in Bahia, in Brazil. She's addicted to coffee and is a wannabe film photographer ever since she bought her second hand analog camera.
Camila Gomes

Camila loves to explore, is a big foodie and in her spare time likes to go on hikes to the waterfalls in the mountains. She has deep faith in green juicing everyday and is trying to learn how to meditate.
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