Seedlings Score: 2350
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Class of 2025
Studying Sustainable Environmental Design
Hi, I'm Gaurika! Welcome to my page here on Seedlings
When I'm not studying or being the Events lead at Seedlings UCB I like to spend my days watching Netflix and going on walks with my dog, Beanie.

Why Seedlings? I want to make a difference in the world and get to meet other cool people who are doing likewise in different parts of the country.

Favorite thing? Rollerblading around town.

Here's how Gaurika has been making UC Berkeley a greener place:
Join me and 158 others at UCB!
UC Berkeley is the top performing chapter this month
Congratulate Gaurika, Sarah, Max and Eliza for all their efforts.
Gaurika attended a beach cleanup at Kehoe Beach, CA
It was hosted by Bay Area Coastkeeper and 59 others attended!
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Her post, Berkeley is going vegan crazy, already has 4822 views.
Gaurika signed up to the Beyond Meat Plant-Based Challenge
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Gaurika Pant
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