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Matt Sandy
Founder of Seedlings
Our journey to Seedlings began deep in the Amazon rainforest. To venture deep under the canopy of those 390 billion trees is as magical as you might imagine.

As journalists we often had cause to venture to the most beautiful and endangered parts of the world. It was our job to tell people what was happening, with urgency.

That said, we often struggled with storytelling that left our audience feeling helpless about the future of our planet. After such trips to the Amazon, we'd get so many messages from friends and readers asking us what they could do to help.

We saw our work wasn't giving them an answer. That's why we started Seedlings.

Seedlings is our commitment to a new kind of storytelling that not only informs,
but connects us as people and gives us the tools we need to do something.

We've just launched and would love you to join us. We believe that together, we have the power to channel our anxiety into compassion, excitement, and action. And that, in our own small way, we can help to create the world we want to live in.
So what is Seedlings about?
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Take a small, impactful step each week
Each week, you'll get one simple tip for a step to take to have an impact,
like using a reef-safe sunscreen or supporting an Amazon tribe.
Make it social, make a difference
Do it with friends. Join our community, share impactful stories that resonate and take your challenges to Instagram to create a ripple effect.
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