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Meet Our Speakers

Britt Groosman

Britt Groosman is Vice President of Climate-Smart Agriculture at the Environmental Defense Fund, where she helps create environmentally effective and economically sound solutions for farms, ranches and forests.

Elijah Wolfson
Elijah Wolfson is an Editorial Director at TIME, where he is responsible for covering climate, science and health. He has co-led the publication's recent Climate issues and was an editor at Quartz, Newsweek, and Healthline.
Matt Daggett
Matt Daggett is the Strategic Communications Director of the Climate and Land Use Alliance, a group dedicated to preserving forests around the world. Before that he worked at Greenpeace International.
Cody Simms
Cody Simms is the co-founder of Climate Changemakers, partner with MCJ Collective and host of the My Climate Journey podcast. He previously worked as the Senior Vice President of Climate & Sustainability at Techstars.
Ashley Weingart
Ashley Weingart is the Founder of Perfectly Imperfect Produce, a brand that delivers fresh, misshaped fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Previously she worked in journalism and advertising.
Will Schafer
Will Schafer is the driving force behind Beyond Meat's international expansion as his goal is `to accelerate the company's mission and impact on a global scale. He earned his MBA from Kellogg School of Management.
Eliza Nemser
Dr Eliza Nemser is an earth scientist and the Executive Director of Climate Changemakers, an NGO focused on making climate action a habit. Previously, she worked at the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Kristy Drutman
Kristy Drutman is an environmental influencer at Brown Girl Green and digital media strategist. On her podcast, she features environmental leaders and advocates about creative solutions to the climate crisis.
Sanchali Pal
Sanchali Pal is the founder of Joro, the app that empowers people to take climate action through how they spend money. Previously, Sanchali worked at Tesla and on sustainable development for the Dalberg consultancy.