Seedlings Score: 385
UC Davis is ranked #3 of
all Seedlings campuses

Class of 2023
Studying Environmental Science and Management
Hi, I'm Madeleine! Welcome to my page here on Seedlings
Besides being the chapter leader at UC Davis I like to spend most of my time on the search for the next local fairs and markets.

Why Seedlings? I like the idea of what we can do for our planet and think that Seedlings is a way of showing that sustainability is not unattainable.

Favorite thing? Highlighting local organizations and businesses.
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Madeleine Tully
Here's what Madeleine's been doing to make UC Davis a greener place:
One person from UC Davis signed up for Seedlings
The points are divided between all members of the chapter!
UC Davis chapter's Instagram has 60 followers
We are starting to build an online presence!
Madeleine joined mentor session with Anne Carney
She learned how to make UC Davis' Seedlings social media even better!
Madeleine identified a first round of classes for shoutouts
She will spread the word about the Green Guide during the semester.
Madeleine reached out to 17 possible partners
She is in talks with different people interested in the UC Davis chapter.
Madeleine wrote 4 sections for the Green Guide
She is helping more students go green at UC Davis!
Madeleine became the UC Davis chapter leader
She recruited teammates Christine Canonizado, Madeline Do, Morgan Hickey, Michelle Arias, Esther Duong and Clara Fischer.