Media startup Seedlings launches with email newsletter to "save the world... in five minutes."
Jan. 18, 2021 / For immediate release.

Seedlings, a startup that aims to engage and inspire a generation amid the climate crisis, today launches with an email newsletter to "save the world... in five minutes."

Inspired by Morning Brew and theSkimm, Seedlings' mission is to make it easy for more people to get inspired, come together, transform ourselves and create the world we desire.

The free email summarizes unmissable stories, profiles inspiring people and curates media recommendations every Wednesday morning. Anyone interested can sign up here.
Seedlings is aimed at anyone who has ever wanted to create a better world, but didn't know how to do it. Eco anxiety is a primary source of stress for a quarter of young people, but there are millions who are yet to engage with the eco world or its media offerings.

"Often we associate thinking about the environment with anxiety and guilt, which often leads to aversion," says Seedlings founder Matt Sandy, an award-winning journalist. "Above all, we believe substituting anxiety for excitement has the power to change the world.

Seedlings will be a bridge for those inspired to become more eco-conscious in their lives, and aims to create a positive impact by focusing relentlessly on making it easy for its users to become inspired, come together and grow, and take action to save the planet.

The mission grew out of eight months' work by the team at Wide Avenues, whose environmental reporting has been showcased in TIME Magazine and The New York Times. The idea for Seedlings first arose from discussions with the English-speaking audience who engaged with the agency's storytelling about the future of the Amazon rainforest.

"There was a great sense of anxiety in response to the news coverage and a strong desire to take action to help," says Juliana Horta, Seedlings' managing editor. "But there was a problem of not knowing how.

The startup's plan is to achieve audience growth through relevant, inspiring and useful content before expanding its mission to more directly enable its users to positively impact the world.

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