Seedlings Green Guide at Central Florida
Want to be a part of creating a bright green future?Here's all you need to know about our campus and our city to help you make truly sustainable choices.
Travel & mobility
No car? No problem! UCF has a bus SuperStop with three lines that take you from campus to downtown Orlando, Central Station, or Oviedo. Track buses on the Lynx App. UCF student apartment complexes are served by shuttles that take you directly to campus and can be tracked on the UCF Mobile App.
All of our energy
Simple ways of saving energy include switching off lights when not in the room, unplugging appliances when not in use, and switching to LED lightbulbs. Embrace the Florida sunshine as a form of light – but make sure it doesn't overheat your room, as being mindful of using AC is a big energy saver! Having cooler showers also helps reduce your energy consumption… and your energy bill!
Anything else?
There are so many things we can all do as we progress towards a more sustainable life. Reusing and recycling as much as possible is a great way to get started. On campus, taking classes in sustainability, volunteering, and rallying friends to try and implement improvements can help us feel part of a movement and see change happen before us.

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